A Python Yipit API Wrapper - my first real contribution to open source

So I've been playing around with this idea to mashup a daily deals API with Yelp to get emails only for deals at good restaurants and I knew I wanted to use Yipit. I looked at their API and realized they didn't have libraries/wrapper for anything and so I decided to create one for Python.

I figured a) it would be useful to me to use in the project, b) it would be useful to other python guys using Yipit, and c) it would be useful to me to just do it and learn on the way.

So I finished it and here it is: https://github.com/wesleyzhao/python-yipit-wrapper


I was able to even do some cool abstract class stuff with Python, learn how the whole **kwargs argument works in python, generated two awesome sets of documentation, and some other stuff. I structured it very similarly to the python-twitter wrapper, so thanks to those guys.

You can easily install the python-yipit wrapper by downloading the tar, unzipping it and...

 $ cd python-yipit-wrapper 
$ python setup.py install 
$  >>import yipit  
2 responses
hi wesley
Cool API.

btw: I found a bug in your code:
marcin@marcin-host:~/projects/python-yipit-wrapper$ git df HEAD^
diff --git a/yipit.py b/yipit.py
index a7dcf40..b0304a5 100644
--- a/yipit.py
+++ b/yipit.py
@@ -194,7 +194,7 @@ class Api(object):

url = DEALS_URL + deal_id # example: api.yipit.com/vi/deals/16721
- deals = self.get_deals_list_by_params(url)
+ deals = self.get_yipit_list_by_params(url, yipit_type_key='deals')
except YipitError as err:
# this should only raise an error if the id was incorrect
if err._error_code == 404: