Generating Python Documentation from comments using Sphinx or Epydoc or Pydocs [UPDATED]

So I recently created a Python wrapper for the Yipit API and wanted to create some legit looking docs. To do so, I found some free things to help out from StackOverflow.

The things I ended up trying out were Sphinx (beautiful, but the quick generation is not super detailed), and Epydoc (not as beautiful, but very detailed and my favorite out of the two).

The Sphinx tutorial on the site is slightly confusing (or at least it was to me) so I used this better Sphinx tutorial. I followed it to the 't' and it worked out. Actually it is a little old so there are TWO things that are slightly different but not a big deal.

The Epydoc tutorial on their site is VERY easy to follow. It's super easy and this is basically all you have to do (after installing - which I did from source - of course).

 $ epydoc --html the_name_of_your_module -o the_folder_you_want_the_docs_in 

Boom. Simple as that. Just comment your code super well, and it will be AWSome :). 


Just realized python has something built in that lets you generate just one html file that is pretty sufficient (and I would say potentially even better than Sphinx's quick generation).

Here's how

$ pydoc -w package_name

And that should generate a file in the directory you called it called 'package_name.html''. You just need to make sure that package_name is in your PATH.