Great to see family

This is serious post #1 coming from behind the Great Firewall of China. Hopefully, I don't say anything too incriminating and get my blog blocked!

We got in late last night around 10PM local time in Shanghai and was picked up by my Uncle (Dad's side). We then drove to my Grandparents' place (Dad's side again) and said hi. I think I underestimated how good it felt to be with family. I'm not much for get-togethers and such and so I was not necessarily that excited to head to China. But, for some reason, it felt really good to see family who I haven't seen in 5 years or more.

I haven't really been in contact with them since the last time I was back, so maybe it was just the feeling of, "Oh, I remember you. We had a connection once." Or maybe there is just something grander to be said about family. Hopefully it's the latter, but the former wouldn't be too surprising.

Today we're headed to see more family and revisit my Dad's parents.

More posts about China to come.