Leaving for China tomorrow

Great food! Great (cheap) shopping! All my family! But no (real) internet. And an ocean away from the United States.

I think there's going to be a lot to enjoy while I'm there but I don't think I will be able to hold back my FOMO. What could I be doing (productive or not) if I was back in the US??

A lot of my meetings, calls to potential customers, deals with potential partners, and probably more will be put on hold for the most part due to the time zone difference and the fact that I will not be physically present. It's probably a bad sign that I'm young and stressing over little things like this. I really should be thinking about how much I will be able to enjoy my trip back to Shanghai (haven't been back to see my extended family in probably over 5 years).

I will do my best to enjoy it, but also will try my best to get as much work done overseas as I can. I'll also be going through some iOS dev stuff (just installed VMware image of Mac OS onto my Thinkpad) and CSS/design learning during my free time.  Overall I think (and I hope) the trip will be productive.

Either way, I'll still have to keep up this blog until November 30.. though it seems Dan Shipper has fallen off the face of the planet :).

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