Facebook Me-gusta Chrome Extension, change all the like buttons to 'me gusta' faces and more!, September 2011

Reddit Rage Spree Chrome Extension, open all the links on a subreddit (like f7u12) with one click, September 2011

  • 1000+ installs so far, Google Maps & Facebook API mashup that shows a dynamic maps of your friends around the world February 2011

  • Featured on Mashable, CNN, and several other blogs around the world
  • Exceeded 3 million friends mapped and 30,000 registered users within the first 20 days, an easier way to read through links on your Twitter feed, April 2011

  • Featured on TechCrunch and tweeted by Fred Wilson.
  • Used as the Demo for our Y Combinator interview., a fun way to unfollow certain people you follow on Twitter to clean up your feed, April 2011

  • Almost 3,000 users with over 100,000 users cleaned up with Grim Tweeper
  • Featured on the Time blog and Geekwire, social game for Penn students to match each other and see matches January 2011

    • Received over 2,000 unique visits and over 200,000 image views within the first 24 hours of release; published on Penn’s blog
    • Expanded utility to all high school and university students by using Facebook Graph API; worked with 2 student web designers, micro-blogging platform centered around media consumption December 2010 - Present

    • Created in under 24 hours of coding using Amazon’s API; currently in alpha-testing and seeking seed funding

    TrailerTrack, web app that plays movies and tracks preferences December 2010

    • Scraped trailer site for trailers and allows users to ‘like’ to bookmark; currently working on recommendation engine algorithm

    FavoriteThing.Me, social site that allows others to tell you about your best trait February 2011

    College Financial Data Mining, automatic retrieval of college financial data December 2010

    • Worked with CPA to automatically retrieve data and generate a spreadsheet of all financial data

    Langauges/Skills: Python, Java, Javascript (experience in Ajax), PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, XML, VBA, Bash