Posting Code Snippets on Blogs - avoid the hassle, use Github/Gist

I have to admit - I love Posterous, but for some reason I couldn't get code-snippets to post using the "[code]" tag or their markdown syntax. I went through a little tutorial/page on how to do it the old way (which I actually discovered something interesting I'll blog about later) and the new way they recently announced to mark code.

None of them worked! I will assume that it was my fault and it has something to do with the custom CSS I used to edit this theme.

Either way, the solution is simply use Gist.

Just head over to Gist.

Name your Title

Name your File

Choose a Language

Start typing your code, and at the end just copy the url at the top of the address bar (will look something like )

And paste the link directly into your blog (if it's a posterous, if not then copy the embed code).

Here's how I found out how to post Gist to Posterous.