How walkable is your home?

Don't be scared to walk a mile in your own shoes.

They're your shoes after all.
Walk Score gives you a score between 1 and 100 depending on how walkable your residence is. Criteria includes things like proximity to transit, restaurants, coffee shops, movie theatres, schools, etc...

As we learned, high walkability correlates to high real estate values. So maybe it's time for you to reevaluate your living area. Or at least consider transit and sustainability the next time you make a real estate investment. Or maybe even just consider it NOW and be more green. Mother earth wants YOU to help.

Want to make big returns on real estate? Statistics say GO GREEN.

Walkable neighborhoods increase real estate value.

I am not lying to you. On average, houses with above-average Walk Scores commanded $30,000 more in value. And while the recession hit hard on all real estate, typically the most walkable held up and, in a few cases, increased.*

What does this suggest? If we get in gear as citizens or as a nation, more pedestrian-friendly, bike-friendly, walkable, and sustainable cities will take hold and help us prosper. Begin to build infrastructure to support other modes of transportation and just maybe we'll see a peak for our beloved Nation --oh and the Earth will be happy too.

Excerpt from Congress for the New Urbanism <here>
Full article from The New York Times <here>

*statistics from Impresa and Zillow