Young Minds Get To Work on Green Growth

Now, granted, these young innovators aren't all from Cascadia (West of the mountains) but they deserve a little recognition.

1) Shahnoor Amin, engineering grad from U Michigan, dreamed of a portable solar-powered device that would provide lighting and electricity to households in developing countries.

2) Bob and Rich, of Yale, began which pays you ($$$) to recycle all your old electronics.

3) Eben Bayer and Gaving McIntyre, RPI grads, created extremely energy-efficient insulation materials called Greensulate from organic materials.

4) Eben and Gavin, again, created EcoCradle which is an environmentally-friendly packaging material made from agricultural by-products and when you're done with it you can decompose it quickly to use as mulch.

5) Students from MIT conceived GenShock which harvests wasted vehicle energy from the suspension system (increasing fuel efficiency by 2-10%).

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