Building a business, and helping the world? OK!

[caption id="attachment_42" align="aligncenter" width="544" caption="source:"] [/caption] Recently in my Corporate Ethics (LGST210) class, we have been talking a lot about impact investing - where you make investments that have the purpose of helping make the world a better place and makes no sacrifices in profitability. This got me thinking... is there something I can do? I first though about - what a great idea! I remember EVERYONE I knew used it all the time. So I thought, maybe I can use my newly acquired skills to build something great for the world like freerice. Then by strike of fate my friend told me about Vitanna, which is apparently based in Seattle and helps the underprivileged pay for a university education. Hopefully they will be a company that will partner with me as I create a site that presents gradually more difficult math problems, and they can help contribute to paying for an engineering degree. Just some thoughts at this point. Let me know if you know of any micro-finance firms or charities that could be potential partners