How an hour of trolling helped me get over 3,000 users

Over 2,000 3,000 people have downloaded a chrome extension I built in less than an hour. I do it for the lulz.

I'm both a little upset and super happy about this right meow. A little upset because usually after putting a lot more effort in coming up with an ambitious idea and a lot more time into building it, I get either similar or worse results. Super happy, because I'm incredibly delighted at how many people I've made smile with my Facebook Me-Gusta Chrome Extension!

It all started with my love for /r/f7u12. And one afternoon, I searched 'Me gusta' on Facebook just for the heck of it and came up with this Facebook page: Change the "like" button to "Me Gusta" for a day.

As soon as I saw this, I LOFLMAO'd (lulzd on the floor laughing my arse off). I immediately pictured what it would be like and lulz'd again. 

And then... I realized... Wait. I can make this happen. And that's when pigs began to fly.

I used what I learned from building a really basic chrome extension to make my dreams into reality. A little over an hour later, a star was born.

Anyone who downloaded my chrome extension, could now navigate to Facebook and see all the "Like" buttons turn into a Me Gusta face with the text "Me Gusta" next to it!! TROLOLOL. :).

I really only built it for my own amusement (and believe me, I was amused) and shared it with just some friends on Facebook. I let it just simmer for about a month and then I checked in on my extension and WOAH.

The WOAH in the analytics

That big spike you see is a result of someone posting a screenshot on /r/funny and someone noticed their "Like" button actually said "Me Gusta." The author of the post (thanks NotANoveltyUser) was asked how s/he did it and they posted the url to my extension!! That spike in users also got my extension featured on the "Fun" Chrome extension section (though not above the fold).


The reddit post, and subsequent comment

And the rest is history :). So basically it turns out that if you build something for fun or personal fulfillment, you sometimes end up with a really cool result. And the moral of the story is, if you do it for the lulz, people will lulz with you.