Will Iteration Pay Off?

I realize I'm fairly new at this web development game, but I've already dipped my toes pretty deep into the water (is that the right expression?). Since first really learning how to do this over break (about 8 weeks ago) I've come up with ideas I thought were cool and coded them together almost once a week. It has been really fun and I have thousands of more ideas left and I'm ready to keep moving. Even though I have yet to see the back of my eyelids before 5AM in the past couple weeks, its been really exciting and I'm loving every second. Update on the Google Maps - Facebook API Mashup: it's going real well. Almost done, just polishing some things, and planning to stay up however long with Dan to code it up and release it. We've shown the beta to some friends and they all are very excited about it. I think this could finally penetrate the Bored at Work Network and maintain a first page place on Hacker News. If so - then I will finally have proven myself to the tech community and to myself. Things are moving fast and I'm excited. Now on to homework (because that's still important right?).

Google Maps API Shuts Us Off!

Last  night, I coded up this really cool idea into a very simple and kind of gross looking UI using the Facebook Graph API and Google Maps API (geocoding etc). The idea is you get your Facebook friends and then locate them all on the map, with you as the center to see how cool/wordly you are. Dan and Ajay thought it was cool so we started to work throughout the night to make it faster and sweeter looking. After getting it to load much faster and getting very close to the finish line...we suddenly got hit with a bunch of errors. After spending a good amount of time crying, screaming, etc, we realized Google Maps had an API limit and had to stop for the night. We are gong to wait until the hold is lifted and if it isn't lifted soon, we'll have to use our other servers to route Google API requests.

HW or Hacking? Introducing AreTheyChamps.com

[caption id="attachment_60" align="aligncenter" width="730" caption="source: aretheychamps.com/"] [/caption] It was another one of those days... Did not get too much school work done, but got a lot of real work done. Worked on Project Val and made signifigant progress. Very excited for that. Then about 30 min before the Super Bowl, I asked Ajay if he wanted to work on something. I thought it might be cool to do something like IsItRaining.In/ but for the Super Bowl. After having a creative brainstorm session, we came up with something cool that so far has around 1,000 hits. We call it: AreTheyChamps.com Hopefully, we can reach that sought after "Bored At Work Network" tomorrow. Will let you know. Night.

New domain and a new project

[caption id="attachment_32" align="aligncenter" width="706" caption="source: shh.. it's a secret"] [/caption] Why am I up so late? I just bought this new domain (wesleyzhao.com) and had to make a couple new additions before I went to bed (added the tweet button [click it!], an about page, a projects page, and a bunch of other stuff too). But also, Dan and I have been getting started on a new project (let's call it Project Val). We made some great progress on the design and the front end and also made a big dent in the server-side stuff as well. On top of that, I learned how to deal with 'sessions' in php. I'm very excited for Project Val, and we really have high hopes for it. Email me or leave a comment, and I'll make sure you're one of the first to know when it's out.