Facebook OAuth in PHP and PHP with Nginx

Finally got off my lazy butt to fix WhereMyFriendsBe (sorry guys who weren't able to use it while it was down...though if it didn't work you probably didn't bother to even care about the founders let alone their blogs). 

It had been down for the past few weeks because Facebook, in their infinite wisdom, decided that if you did not comply and switch your code to implement their new OAuth system they would shut you out. Well the switch was much easier than I expected. Just replaced the old Facebook class with the new one, and changed a few things here and there (if anyone wants details let me know).


The other thing I did was port over WhereMyFriendsBe from our DreamHost account to our ec2 server running Nginx. Ran into the problem of getting PHP installed and using it. Here's a nice little link to the tutorial I followed essentially step by step to get it working.



Google Maps API Shuts Us Off!

Last  night, I coded up this really cool idea into a very simple and kind of gross looking UI using the Facebook Graph API and Google Maps API (geocoding etc). The idea is you get your Facebook friends and then locate them all on the map, with you as the center to see how cool/wordly you are. Dan and Ajay thought it was cool so we started to work throughout the night to make it faster and sweeter looking. After getting it to load much faster and getting very close to the finish line...we suddenly got hit with a bunch of errors. After spending a good amount of time crying, screaming, etc, we realized Google Maps had an API limit and had to stop for the night. We are gong to wait until the hold is lifted and if it isn't lifted soon, we'll have to use our other servers to route Google API requests.