Wake on LAN (WOL) stopped working randomly [FIX]

Recently I set up a server on my dinsasoar home computer that nobody used. I loaded Nginx onto it was able to successfully set up some secure SSH on it. I was pretty excited, and will definitely write a post about that later.

One of the things that I tried to do was set up Wake-on-LAN. This is a feature that lets you basically send a TCP packet to a computer (must be connected over ethernet because it targets IP and MAC address) and then it wakes up the computer from a shut-down state. 

So I ran into an issue that I eventually found a solution to. My WOL feature for my home nginx server wasn't working after it had just worked. I fiugred out why thanks to this post:


Apparently if you don't shut down the computer cleanly (e.g. you are forced to hold the power button) something gets fuxed up and doesn't work.

After I turned it back on, and shut it down cleanly. All was god.

WOL setup is pretty simple though to begin with.