Very Happy for Ankur Dave's Publication

Just read Ankur Dave's recently published paper. It was 6 pages of complicated cloud computing principles I hardly understand. But it was an awesome read! From what I read I got these key (and not so key takeaways): -MapReduce is cool and all but it doesn't allow for iterative computations -k-means algorithms allows for iterative stuff and is well known and robust. -the "Buddy System" fails if two buddies both fail so no failure is reported. Otherwise buddies will pick up each others slack. - something about I/O - Lots of things about cloud clustering. - There is a guy named W. Zhao that did cool enough research to be noticed by Ankur. Even though I didn't understand most of every word I wrote I am very happy and proud of Ankur Dave (who is only a freshman) to have been published already with an obviously very academic paper! And not only has he been published, but check out his mention on Quora by THE Marc Bodnick: New Users He Discovered . I applaud him and am thankful to know him. Will linkify this post later to help Ankur's SEO :). Until then I must sleep. Ankur probably didn't expect me to read his paper all the way through but I did! The full paper: CloudClustering: Toward an iterative data processing pattern on the cloud [PDF]