Why Should Halloween Only Be For Kids?

I didn't go trick-or-treating this year, and that's a shame. 

Fortunately though, the reason I didn't go was because I was just busy with other things and not because "I'm too old."

Maybe it was around age 16 or 17 that I started getting weird, judgmental looks from parents who saw me out and about on All Hallow's Eve (sp?). I can't help it though - I love my candy.

I guess I just don't really understand the reason why people my age shouldn't get to enjoy this awesome holiday like all the younger kids. Is there a law somewhere? Is there an unspoken age limit we should follow? Is it like a reverse-drinking rule thing, where instead of having to be X years old to do it, you must stop after Z years old?

I feel like if 10 year old Wesley can go out and get some free candy, then so should 19 year old Wesley. What's really the difference? Am I supposed to be going to Halloween parties instead or something? I guess that's the expectation, and the reason why candy-givers decide to glance at me like I'm not just dressing up as a monster.

TBH I would much rather prefer getting free candy than going to a party. I'm not really a party person as I don't drink and am inherently introverted. I love people and I love my friends, but in most circumstances I would prefer a sugar high over another high.

I can see though why adults may not like kids (er I guess I'm an adult now... don't feel like one though) like me taking their candy. 

A few bad apples ruined the bunch. Young adults/adults get a bad rap on Halloween for either causing a lot of trouble (e.g. TPing) or for taking/needing more candy than the kids. Well for me, I'm not into the whole chaos-ensuing scene and I'm OK if you just give me one piece like everybody else. Also I won't take 3 if your bowl says "Please take 2."

The candy is supposed to be for the kids? Ok maybe. But why? I should be able to enjoy the holiday just as much as anybody else. At least that's how I feel. So if you're going to give some free ish to 9 year old Julie, you best be ready to give some free ish to 19 year old me. I prefer my America's equal and fair. 


Now that's out of my system.