A new lens to see the world

I recently read an article by the founders of Hipmunk (a new travel advisor site) about what makes some startups so cool that users can't help but use them. They said was the more unsexy the problem, the cooler the solution can be. They cite Square's sexy solution to unsexy payments, another eSolution to faxing you probably never heard of, and Hipmunk (of course) in the unsexy travel search space. And also no, I don't have an obsession with the word sexy, it's just how they describe it and I think it connotes something unique and true. Basically... I'm going to need to pay special attention in my life as I go through my daily routines as to what am I doing that is a pain point and especially not sexy. Can I make it sexy? If yes, has anyone else tried? If no, then let's go for it! If no then... Let's beat them! I'll keep you updated on what I find. One thing that immediately crosses my mind is airplane passenger boarding, waiting for luggage, checking in your luggage, and moving through security...I'm sure some of things may not be solveable, but I'll spend my flight trying to think of one, in between reading Don't Make Me Think, in between sleeping.