RFS: A food/drink inventory tracker for homes

There's a startup/web app out there that I really wish existed: some sort of food/drink inventory tracker for my home. I think this will actually solve a pain that a lot of people have.

Pain: Wanting to know if you have a certain food/ingredient in your home, expiring food and the waste that comes with it, and being consious about food spending.

Demographic: Mostly families of 4+ (and especially those who shop at Costco or Sam's Club).

Well at least I know I have the aforementioned pain and that I fit the aformementioned demographic.

My family often buys food in bulk from Costco and often times we don't need all that food. This leads to a lot of waste and overspending. 

I think that an app that lets you track all the food items you buy, the date of purchase, and the expiration dates, would solve those problems. Ideally something that lets you take a picture of a receipt, enter in some expiration dates manually, then keeps it all in a nice database for you would be awesome. It would be even greater if on the app you can search for food/drink by tags/keywords and there would be a dynamically updated list on the side of "food expiring in the next 5 days" and "food that you bought a long time ago." In addition to all this, the app could recommend ways to serve the food/ingredients based off what is available, time of day, and the season.

Overall I think there is a lot of cool stuff here! And along with that, I believe that tracking all this will make people more consious of their food spending and will therefore result in spending less. 

The hardest part here is figuring out how the receipt-picture-taking would work exactly, and getting people to enter in dates manually. And also getting people to update what they just ate/used so that the food can be removed from the database or at least updated.

If someone makes this/figures it out let me know! My family could really use it.

Wish I could be a social entrepreneur

In my LGST210 class today we went over different corporate social initiatives and gave them grades based on how effective we thought they were or what their cause was. One of the companies that really caught my attention was Tom's Shoes. They sell very simple shoes at an affordable price, but their real value proposition is that for every pair sold, they will donate a pair to a child in need. I thought this was very unique and interesting because the company is still for-profit. Yet I truly believe that the founder's intention from the beginning was to simply create a sustainable business that had a great cause. It was a bold $1M+ investment for the founder to make but I have to say it did work out and now the world is a better place for it. Though shoes may not necessarily be the cause everyone believes it the highest priority on the list - it's a great start. It really gets me thinking even more about what kind of things can I build that not only will be beneficial to myself but the world. What can I create that will be successful enough to sustain its good cause for a significant and meaningful amount of time in this world. I'll keep thinking. Meanwhile, let me know if you have any suggestions.

Google Maps API Shuts Us Off!

Last  night, I coded up this really cool idea into a very simple and kind of gross looking UI using the Facebook Graph API and Google Maps API (geocoding etc). The idea is you get your Facebook friends and then locate them all on the map, with you as the center to see how cool/wordly you are. Dan and Ajay thought it was cool so we started to work throughout the night to make it faster and sweeter looking. After getting it to load much faster and getting very close to the finish line...we suddenly got hit with a bunch of errors. After spending a good amount of time crying, screaming, etc, we realized Google Maps had an API limit and had to stop for the night. We are gong to wait until the hold is lifted and if it isn't lifted soon, we'll have to use our other servers to route Google API requests.

HW or Hacking? Introducing AreTheyChamps.com

[caption id="attachment_60" align="aligncenter" width="730" caption="source: aretheychamps.com/"] [/caption] It was another one of those days... Did not get too much school work done, but got a lot of real work done. Worked on Project Val and made signifigant progress. Very excited for that. Then about 30 min before the Super Bowl, I asked Ajay if he wanted to work on something. I thought it might be cool to do something like IsItRaining.In/ but for the Super Bowl. After having a creative brainstorm session, we came up with something cool that so far has around 1,000 hits. We call it: AreTheyChamps.com Hopefully, we can reach that sought after "Bored At Work Network" tomorrow. Will let you know. Night.

Building a business, and helping the world? OK!

[caption id="attachment_42" align="aligncenter" width="544" caption="source: freerice.com"] [/caption] Recently in my Corporate Ethics (LGST210) class, we have been talking a lot about impact investing - where you make investments that have the purpose of helping make the world a better place and makes no sacrifices in profitability. This got me thinking... is there something I can do? I first though about freerice.com - what a great idea! I remember EVERYONE I knew used it all the time. So I thought, maybe I can use my newly acquired skills to build something great for the world like freerice. Then by strike of fate my friend told me about Vitanna, which is apparently based in Seattle and helps the underprivileged pay for a university education. Hopefully they will be a company that will partner with me as I create a site that presents gradually more difficult math problems, and they can help contribute to paying for an engineering degree. Just some thoughts at this point. Let me know if you know of any micro-finance firms or charities that could be potential partners