NyooTV Consulting Project Begins

[caption id="attachment_35" align="aligncenter" width="750" caption="source: nyootv.com"] [/caption] Today I started working on my consulting mini-project for my Enabling Technologies (OPIM 314) class. My group (of which I am the only freshman), decided to choose the NyooTV project and I was very excited. A little introduction. Nyoo TV is an Indian Online Video start-up. They seem to be emulating the best parts of Hulu (the premium content) and the best parts of YouTube (a HUGE library, and a social experience). They've grown tremendously in just the past couple of months, and our task is to come up with a low-budget marketing plan that will make them grow extremely viral in a specific market segment (I believe the deliverable was something like 2Million new users in the next 30 days). My initial reaction was to look at the Indian-American market. A market that our whole team knows much better than those currently living in India. Although this may not be the demographic they were originally thinking that we would look like I believe there is a lot of potential. Apparently the Indian-American population is somewhere around 3M and growing. Also, I talked to some of my Indian-American friends about Nyoo and they loved the idea, immediately started using it, and told me that they know all their friends would love it too. Hopefully by targeting this segment to go viral, it also spreads to their family members who are still living in India. I will report back as to what direction my group, as a whole, ends up going with.