Passing up an oppurtunity

Today I had to pass up on a very good opportunity. Just a couple days ago I met an MBA student who had started his own business and wanted se technical help. I loved the idea, loved his plans, really liked him as a person, and they already had pretty good traction. I wanted equity if I took the gig because I knew it was gonna be a winner, and sure enough he said yes. Unfortunately after thinking about it, I knew that with all these projects I love starting myself and with school still on my radar, I wouldn't be able to give said MBA student my 110% effort. I never want to do anything if I feel I can't do it all the way and to the best of my abilities. Though I would have LOVED to work on this project I knew it wouldn't be right to commit. So it was very hard for me, but I had to turn it down. I still hope to see this in 5 years hugely popular with a huge valuation. I know it's going to do well, so the best of luck you-know-who.