General update and such

I have been on somewhat of a posting hiatus for the past week so I decided I should give a general update before getting back on the horse: Spring break wasn't as productive, from a development standpoint, as hoped but we got a lot of things done that were unexpected but outstanding nonetheless. From a programming standpoint: - Started two impromptu exciting projects but reprioritized and decided not to ship - Familiarized myself with MongoDB a bit (unfortunately not so much with Rails) - Finished reading Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug. I think we made the right decision not to ship and refocus on a different direction, am disappointed with the amount I learned about rails, and am very excited with the new perspective Don't Make Me Think has given me in terms of creating the best possible user experience. So mixed reviews. On the other hand, programming aside I did: - Get to meet with some VERY awesome and generous mentors and people - Had several fantastic opportunities present themselves (will talk more about them later if we make them happen) - Got featured on King 5 Local 5 o'clock news!!! - And spent a lot of time with my beautiful girlfriend Overall, I'd say the status of Spring Break was: #winning (Woops overused joke alert). And to make up for the mixed bag development status, as soon as I got back on campus Sunday night at 12AM I met up with Dan to work all night to finish a very basic product of what we hope to be a future business. We accomplished that and spent tonight polishing up a little. If you would like a taste of the alpha product send me an email or comment. Oh and Dan and I are going to be in the Daily Pennsylvanian this week (our school newspaper)!! So things are looking good and great opportunities are popping up left and right and I'm excited to keep steam rolling ahead. Will keep you posted on any updates.