Passing up an oppurtunity

Today I had to pass up on a very good opportunity. Just a couple days ago I met an MBA student who had started his own business and wanted se technical help. I loved the idea, loved his plans, really liked him as a person, and they already had pretty good traction. I wanted equity if I took the gig because I knew it was gonna be a winner, and sure enough he said yes. Unfortunately after thinking about it, I knew that with all these projects I love starting myself and with school still on my radar, I wouldn't be able to give said MBA student my 110% effort. I never want to do anything if I feel I can't do it all the way and to the best of my abilities. Though I would have LOVED to work on this project I knew it wouldn't be right to commit. So it was very hard for me, but I had to turn it down. I still hope to see this in 5 years hugely popular with a huge valuation. I know it's going to do well, so the best of luck you-know-who.

Back to reality

The past couple of weeks (really since the start of the semester) my head has been in the clouds thinking about how great it is to get in the real world and create things people really care about. I'll be honest, school has really taken a back seat. My priorites (in order) have really been:
  • Meet with really smart, driven, helpful individuals
  • Idea generation, and the hacking/iteration of those ideas
  • Track
  • Schoolwork
But I have two midterms, a paper, and a big assignment due this week before I'm off the Spring break to do more of the meeting smart, driven people, hacking, and training for track. I've forced myself to do some hardcore studying (in between managing server issues...) for these classes which I have not really been to. I've just finished studying for OPIM (for tonight) and hopefully my coach will understand if I leave practice a little early for doing some quick pre-test cramming. I've actually found OPIM to be pretty easy and I think I'll do fairly well for learning it now. BPUB (or managerial economics) is tomorrow night. I don't think that will be as pretty. But will let you know.