Spring Break! Time to have fun, right? Wrong, time for learning and working

Alright so I believe I have finished my final assignment/exam just now before Spring Break (woohoo!). I'm pretty excited. Not because I'm going to Spain or Brazil or somewhere awesome for break to have lots of college-y fun, but because it's time to become a better entrepreneur! I'm going to be spending my time doing a few things:
  1. Learning Ruby on Rails (a side project a friend presented me requires rails, and also its a great language that many companies are now using to get scale, fast).
  2. Throwing together Bottleable (basically a "message in the bottle" thing for the internet)
  3. Prototyping a new direction for Tasteplug.
  4. Spending lots of time loving my beautiful girlfriend (guys with girlfriends, never skimp on this)
Alright so lots to do in a short amount of time. I was hoping to re-adjust my sleep schedule (currently sleeping at 6-7AM, waking up at 10AM) to something more reasonable, but we will see if that will get done. It's worth it though. I'm fast paced and trying to get on track to becoming a successful entrepreneur. I want to do something now, and that takes work. So I'll do my work. Until I get something done.