Mixergy is awesome - successful mentors ONLINE

[caption id="attachment_166" align="aligncenter" width="613" caption="Mixergy with Jessica Livingston"] [/caption] After watching Paul Graham's interview with Andrew Warner at Mixergy, I couldn't stop going. Next I watched Jessica Livingston's (Y Combinator co-founder), Steve Welch's (DreamIt Ventures founder), then Dennis Crowely's (founder of foursquare). I should have been sleeping for my meet tomorrow (got to wake up at 5:30AM). Andrew Warner does a great job as the one conducting the interview, but most of all I really love just hearing these successful entrepreneurs and business people talk about their experiences and share their advice with all of us. I find this to be almost as helpful as meeting with a mentor but instead there are SO MANY of them with such TOP QUALITY people... Though, mentor's still rock my world because there is a personal touch you just can't match. Nonetheless, if you have not checked out Mixergy before, get about 60 minutes of your time free and watch one.