HW or Hacking? Introducing AreTheyChamps.com

[caption id="attachment_60" align="aligncenter" width="730" caption="source: aretheychamps.com/"] [/caption] It was another one of those days... Did not get too much school work done, but got a lot of real work done. Worked on Project Val and made signifigant progress. Very excited for that. Then about 30 min before the Super Bowl, I asked Ajay if he wanted to work on something. I thought it might be cool to do something like IsItRaining.In/ but for the Super Bowl. After having a creative brainstorm session, we came up with something cool that so far has around 1,000 hits. We call it: AreTheyChamps.com Hopefully, we can reach that sought after "Bored At Work Network" tomorrow. Will let you know. Night.