Tutorial wrap-up

This is partially for my own sanity (as are most of my posts) and partially for the sanity of you readers (thank you to the two or three of you out there *smiley face*). Instead of having to traverse my blog to find all the neat how-to's I figure I'll compile a list here to make it easy.

I will be separating this into three categories:

  1. Hardy hand-holding tutorials - ones where I do my best to go step by step through the process with you.
  2. Read-between-the-lines tutorials - ones where I am still pretty detailed but may rely a little more on outside links/tutorials.
  3. Wesley-approved external tutorials - ones where I may just throw a link out there with a little description but I have followed the tutorials successfully.

I use tutorials I find on blogs all the time so I know how hard it can be to follow them, let alone find one that actually results in what you want. So believe you me that I do my best to make mine readable and fool-proof. In addition, any tutorials I link to I am confident that they work and are easy-to-follow (and if not then I will usually clarify where they go wrong or what details they may be missing). If you find any of these things to be untrue, then please let me know so I can correct them.

Now let's begin.


Hard hand-holding tutorials

A slick way to SSH into your AWS EC2 instance [Ubuntu/Cygwin] (July 2011)

How to Set Up Dedicated MySQL Databse Server Using Amazon EC2 (July 2011)

Tutorial: Setting Up Apache/SSL to Serve HTTPS (July 2011)

Python Web-page Scraping - Installing lxml and Beautiful Soup (June 2011)

How to automate slugs (and other fields) in Django Models (June 2011)


Read-between-the-lines tutorials

Generating Python documentation from comments using Sphinx, Epydocs, or Pydocs (October 2011)

Get client IP addresses using Nginx and Django (July 2011)

Posting code snippets on blogs, use Github/Gist (June 2011)


Wesley-approved external tutorials

"Write failed: Broken pipe" fix for AWS ec2 SSH (September 2011)

Fix: Python MySQLdb Insert Statements Not Saving (September 2011)

Dealing with the hassles of 'syncdb' in Django - how to use South (September 2011)

Facebook OAuth in PHP and PHP with Nginx (September 2011)

Getting Python to work with Facebook's OAuth 2.0 auth system (August 2011)

Deploying Django on Nginx (July 2011)

Nginx configuration solutions for Comodo SSL and serving static files (July 2010)