Shanghai in 1990 vs 2010 [Photo] (WOW)

[caption id="attachment_52" align="aligncenter" width="750" caption="via @danielhewitt and @GuyKawasaki"] [/caption] Just an absolutely beautiful depiction of the type of growth that happens around the world (here: specifically Shanghai, China). I've been there a few times in my life - it's where all my family is from - but could never have imagined it to be anything like its 1990 self. Enjoy the view. [Source: Alltop]

Want to make big returns on real estate? Statistics say GO GREEN.

Walkable neighborhoods increase real estate value.

I am not lying to you. On average, houses with above-average Walk Scores commanded $30,000 more in value. And while the recession hit hard on all real estate, typically the most walkable held up and, in a few cases, increased.*

What does this suggest? If we get in gear as citizens or as a nation, more pedestrian-friendly, bike-friendly, walkable, and sustainable cities will take hold and help us prosper. Begin to build infrastructure to support other modes of transportation and just maybe we'll see a peak for our beloved Nation --oh and the Earth will be happy too.

Excerpt from Congress for the New Urbanism <here>
Full article from The New York Times <here>

*statistics from Impresa and Zillow