Two good videos regarding startups

Just for my own sanity/memory here are two videos I think are worth watching as an entrepreneur/person involved in startups.

Fred Wilson on how to be your own boss (goes from lifestyle businesses up to venture-backed businesses)

Fred Wilson: 10 Ways to Be Your Own Boss from 99% on Vimeo.


Mark Suster on funding in the frothy market ("When the H'ordeurve tray comes around, take two")

7th Founder Showcase - Mark Suster Keynote from Founder Institute on Vimeo.



The Suster video is pretty long, but if you have the time watch it. If you don't... wait until you do have time, then watch it.

The "Bored at Work Network"

So for the mini consulting project for Nyoo TV, I was specifically assigned to look into what characterized a viral campaign. That's when I stumbled upon an interesting video on TechCrunch (I'll link to it later). It talked about 5 things but what really caught my attention was this idea of the "bored at work network." I immediately felt kind of stupid for not realizing this earlier and extremely excited because it's a market segment I haven't thought of before. I guess I can blame my college student lens for this. When I think about it there are probably millions of people in the corporate world or at an investment bank that hate their job and just want some sort of silly release from it that they can share with their friends. Believe me, I'll be working on something that will try to use this new knowledge to my advantage.