Use Python to send real postcards via SendWrite

Not too much to report on China today. Dad went out to visit a friend at a University and I didn't really want to go. So I stayed in and watched some of the iOS tutorials from the Stanford lectures on iTunesU, wrote my first iOS app, and learned how to send a real life postcard using Python.

I used a company called SendWrite to do it. They have docs for CURL and some for Python, but their Python docs called for using APIWithBasicAuth, but I was more familiar with Python's 'requests' library so I decided to go with that and it worked fine.

Here's the Gist of what I did (lulz pun):

And there you have it! The only thing is you have to pay for your cards before you can send them, but other than that you're good to go! Check SendWrite out.

Coming down with a cold... gotta go to bed early. Peace out for now.