What the Node

I personally don't see what all the fuss is about when it comes to Node. I admit it's a pretty cool concept, and from looking at some benchmarks it is admittedly pretty fast as well. But are the performance beneftits so significant that it can really make or break a product?

I recently wrote a post about Why you should never worry about scalability (at least in the beginning) which referenced the Hustler's Manifesto. This post falls along the same lines in the realization that you should really spend your time focusing on building a great product that people find valuable (hopefully enough to give you a buck or so).

Node.js may be a great thing to learn far far down the line, when you begin to think about handling loads of millions and millions of people at the time. But most of the Node.js hype I hear is not from developers planning on working at big companies, or developers already working at those big companies, but rather potential startup founders/technical founders. Hm, now that's a little odd to me.

I agree that thinking ahead is great and that sometimes it's fun to try new things as a technologist (I find myself falling in this bucket), but startup founders and technologists should be more hyped about what the big markets to attack or what problems they just heard some consumers crying about. I think that Node is cool and should be looked at, but I just think that there is too much buzz right now in porportion to how valuable it is to the crowd talking about it.